Batman Unmasked – The Psychology of the Dark Knight (Documentary)

Psychologists and comic book experts come together to peer into the mind of one of the greatest and most iconic superheros of all time…Batman. They examine the ways in which Bruce Wayne manages his paralyzing fear of bats as well as the negative impact of personal tragedy on young Wayne’s psyche (eg. security issues, trust issues and overwhelming guilt). Most importantly, they discuss the power of personal choice and trauma’s unlikely role as a powerful, positive force in inducing personal growth.

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Elizabeth Gilbert: A New Way to Think About Creativity (Video)

In the video above, Elizabeth Gilbert muses on society’s general beliefs that (1) creativity and suffering are inherently linked, and (2) artistry ultimately leads to anguish. She claims that the immense responsibility and pressure of “being a genius” has been “killing off artists for the last 500 years.” Gilbert goes on to suggest that the antiquated Greek and Roman approach of externalizing the creative process, that is, seeing an extremely creative person as “having a genius” as opposed to “being a genius” would dramatically reduce the “inherent emotional risks of creativity.”


Power And Leadership: What Will Be The Most Important Way To Use Power In The Future?

organizational industrial psychology businessMore power to you! Leaders have always been keenly interested in power and how to use it in their organizations. But what, exactly, does that mean? There are lots of kinds of power and many ways to use it (and abuse it). Few rise to important positions in their organizations without the ability to skillfully use power to advance their agendas. Historically, much power was of the “do it my way or else” variety. Most leaders today, however, recognize the limitations of that strategy.

In a recent study conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership, researchers found most leaders believe the kind of power that will be most important to the future of their organizations is relationship power. The researchers concluded that, “Survey respondents recognized the power of relationships as a source of power they frequently leverage today, and a source of power they believe will be important to leverage in the future in order to be more effective leaders.” Continue reading


Premier League Psychology – Man City and Man United Fans Struggle Under the Weight of Expectation

robin van persie manchester united debut

After City pipped United to the Premier League title in the final minute of the final match on the final day of last season, fans and pundits have been questioning whether or not the Red Devils can snatch the trophy right back at the end of the 2012-2013 campaign. With all due respect to the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool — and with all due respect to the excellent work that these teams have done in the transfer window this past summer, it is a very brave man who would bet against the title leaving Manchester. Continue reading