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VIDEO – Moving Illusions

Vsauce’s Michael Stevens speaks about illusions and the data they give us about how our brains work. He explains how illusions play a role in various life and death situations, ranging from natural illusions used by animals to man-made illusions used to camouflage warships and fighter airplanes.


How to Be a Quitter: The Latest Solutions to Breaking Nicotine Addiction

breaking nicotine addiction

America has come a long way in terms of how its citizens view smoking cigarettes. Indeed, there was a time in the 1950s when medical doctors would appear on television endorsing a particular brand of “smokes.” But new laws in the 1990s restricted the use of cigarettes in many locations and thus the culture began to change. States had so much success curbing smoking that the World Health Organization now lists the U.S. below many other nations, such as England and Australia, in prevalence of overall tobacco consumption. Continue reading