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How Psychology Benefits Public Health

public health psychology

The field of psychology is becoming increasingly integrated with public health and it is easy to understand why. Many of the most common public health issues—such as obesity, food safety, sexually transmitted infections, and motor vehicle accidents—are closely linked with behavior. Over the past few years, more psychologists are earning their masters in public health online, taking courses in public health while they earn their doctoral degree, or opting for an online MPH to make a swift entry into the field. This is important as psychologists offer new perspectives and expertise on how healthy behaviors can be encouraged. Continue reading


A Basic Guide To Overcoming Addiction 

how to recover from addiction

Regularly drinking several beers may have got things started. Perhaps a pill helped to relieve your pain. Despite knowing addiction was possible, you didn’t expect to fall prey to it. Everything was in your hands…until you realized you’re no longer in control. The next thing you knew, you’re hooked and couldn’t stop. Continue reading


Prison and Mental Health

prison and mental health

An estimated 450 million people around the world are affected by behavioral and mental health conditions. However, the prevalence of mental health issues is especially high in prisons.  In this article we will consider four factors that directly contribute to the high rate of mental health disorders in prisons worldwide. We will also discuss the benefits of responding promptly to these pressing concerns. Continue reading


How to Deal With Chronic Pain and Depression

chronic pain depression treatment

Chronic pain refers to persistent physical pain that continues for more than 12 weeks despite medication or other forms of treatment. Clinical research suggests that  30-50% of people with chronic pain also experience associated mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression. These findings are not surprising as the the mind-body connection—the idea that a person’s biological functioning can impact his or her thoughts and emotions—has long been established in the medical and mental health communities. Chronic pain is also linked with increased stress, sleep problems, and feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness. Continue reading


3 Ways Psychology Can Help You Live A Better Life

advantages of psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. The field examines how people think, feel, and react to certain stimuli around them. While some people may believe that psychology is only for students, academics, or therapists, the truth is psychology can help many people to improve their day to day life. Of course, registered psychologists like Dr. Sara Harowitz can also assist people in therapy who are trying to cope with emotional and mental health issues. Continue reading