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How Ear Problems May Affect Cognitive Processing

cognitive hearing science

Most people are familiar with ear problems—from chronic ear infections and tinnitus to autoimmune inner ear disease and Meniere’s disease. Ear infections are incredibly common, especially among young children, with five out of six experiencing at least one by the time they are three years old. However, relatively few people have considered how hearing issues may affect the way we process information. Increased awareness and interest in the link between cognition and communication has led to the development of a new field of research called cognitive hearing science.

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How the NBA is Changing Its Approach to Mental Health

mental health national basketball association

We know that athletes from the NBA go through many physical challenges, especially when they have a packed schedule of training and games. However, we often overlook the impact that life problems, isolation, high pressure games, and constant training may have on their mental health. Mental health is just as important as physical health in professional sports. Fortunately, the National Basketball Association has recognized this reality and has come forward to help NBA players to overcome their mental health issues. Continue reading


How To Reduce Your Anxiety About Your Finances

anxiety and money

One of the leading contributors to poor mental health is financial trouble. In fact, a number of studies indicate that there is a major link between debt and anxiety. Although long-term treatment of chronic anxiety may require professional care, there are things people can do to reduce their anxiety about their finances. Keep on reading for a few helpful suggestions. Continue reading