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What Should You Expect From Your First Online Therapy Session?

what to expect in online therapy

So you’ve decided to seek online therapy and may be anxious about what to expect. In essence, online therapy isn’t very different from in-person sessions at a therapist’s practice. The results from online and in-person sessions are not that different either. In fact, this study found that online therapy is just as beneficial for depression intervention as in-person therapy.  Continue reading


Working as a Psychologist: Different Roles and Specialties to Consider

benefits of a psychology degree

If you’ve decided to major in psychology, choosing what to do after you graduate can be tricky. With more students than ever before graduating with a college degree, carefully considering your career options and making the right selection when choosing the field and role that you want to work in is crucial. Psychology is an excellent choice as a major since there are various career paths that you can get into that go beyond the typical options of counseling or clinical psychology. Some of the most interesting job options for psychology graduates are ones that you might not often hear about or would not immediately associate with being related to this field of study.  Continue reading


Rev Up Your Brain And Improve Cognitive Performance With These Tips

Benefits of Nootropics

Cognitive performance is a measure of the efficiency of mental processes such as learning, reasoning, attention, memory, awareness, and decision making.  When you have good cognitive performance, you also tend to have a higher chance of becoming productive and successful in your daily undertakings. This may include studying for exams more effectively, giving better responses in a job interview, working more efficiently with your coworkers, and building stronger interpersonal connections in your personal life.  Continue reading


Can Compounding Drugs Help You Manage Anxiety?

compounded medication for anxiety

Anxiety is a complex mental health disorder that has often been linked to long-term stress. While not everyone suffering from anxiety may have experienced long-term stress, it is believed that a significant number of people have anxiety disorders of some sort, of which there are a number of different types. Continue reading


How Veterans Can Improve Their Mental Health

Veteran mental health

Just as your physical health plays a key role in your daily life, the same is true of your mental health. However, mental health is often overlooked by most people. Nevertheless,  there are many simple things you can do to improve your mental wellbeing. For military veterans, developing mental strength and resilience should be considered a top priority as they often have to cope with the trauma and emotional aftereffects of war. With that in mind, let’s consider a few specific things veterans can do right now to improve their mental health. Continue reading


Color Psychology in Branding Design

color psychology

When it comes to marketing, few things are as critical as the color selection used. Solid and effective color choices can lead to stronger brand messaging, greater consumer engagement and motivate your customers to take action. The detrimental effects of poor color choices, however, can have significant negative impacts on your brand. Color choice can mean the difference between retaining prospective clients or turning them away searching for viable alternatives with the most aesthetically pleasing brand imagery that is more conducive to their sensibilities and confidence. Continue reading