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Using Simple Psychology to Increase Conversions – Infographic

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According to a recent report from business news giant Bloomberg, 8 out of every 10 new businesses fail within the first 18 months. Despite these somewhat depressing statistics, a survey of 1000 small business owners conducted by Deluxe Corp reveals that:

  • 86% of small business owners believe they can do anything they set their minds to
  • 77% of respondents prefer to try and fail than to never try at all
  • 89% believe that they are leaders Continue reading

VIDEO – The Psychological Benefits of Forgiveness

Psychological research shows that the negative emotions which are cultivated when holding a grudge can contribute to increased stress, higher anxiety, increased pain perception and even a decrease in heart health. With this in mind, watch as the folks at SoulPancake highlight the many psychological and physical benefits of simply forgiving and forgetting.



Achieve A Healthy Mind Using 5 Fantastic Apps

Feeling great is not solely about being strong and muscular. Let’s be honest, you don’t smile when you come down for breakfast merely because you can run a marathon faster than most people your age. Likely, the reason you feel happy is because your mental powers are healthy and you are in a positive frame of mind. The simple truth is, when your mind feels great, you do too. Today, we’ll look at a few mobile apps that can help foster habits that promote positivity and lasting happiness.

Gratitude Journal

Lots of great things happen to you on a constant basis. They probably happen so often that you likely forget them right away. However, when trying to cultivate lasting happiness Dr. Barbara Markway recommends the following: Continue reading