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Leaning Tower of Pisa Illusion

kicking leaning tower of pisa

A fantastic photograph of the Leaning Tower of Pisa which clearly shows that pictures never lie — except when they do! Continue reading


Daphne Bavelier: Your Brain on Video Games (Video)

The media often portrays the negative effects of video games, however brain scientist Daphne Bavelier argues that action video games (for example Call of Duty – Black Ops) can have a significant and long lasting positive impact on our cognition. In her talk she shares research data that supports the remarkable viewpoint that, in moderate doses, action video games can dramatically improve brain plasticity, vision, attention and learning.


Putting Eyewitness Testimony to the Test

memory recall eyewitness testimony

Since the discovery of DNA profiling in the mid 1980’s, there have been over 300 criminal exonerations in the USA alone. That’s over 300 innocent people imprisoned for a crime they did not commit. Studies in the USA have also shown that approximately 73% of these convictions incorporated eyewitness testimony as the primary piece of evidence in their respective cases. Continue reading


Dan Gilbert: Why Are We Happy? Why Aren’t We Happy? (Video)

In this video Dan Gilbert talks about our psychological immune system and posits the idea that we can be happy even when we do not get the things we want. How can we be happy when our desires are not being filled? “Because happiness can be synthesized” Gilbert claims.


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