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Why Good Public Health Contributes to Good Mental Health

public mental health

Most people know that public health is integral to our society. It provides essential services that protect and improve the physical well-being of individuals, families, and communities. However, far fewer people are aware that mental health is also a key component of public health. In this article we will examine what public health is and the different roles public health officials play in our community. We will also look at how these efforts may directly and indirectly contribute to better mental health among residents. Continue reading


Highlighting The Differences Between Mental Health Professions

differences between psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, counselor

While everyone takes their physical health seriously, most of us do not give mental health as much priority. As a result, we may ignore or simply fail to notice obvious signs of depression and anxiety. Mental health problems pose widespread challenges; around 4% of the world’s population has anxiety, and 3% has depression. Due to the current epidemic, the role of mental health professionals has come into the spotlight more than ever before.  Continue reading


The Connection Between Tinnitus And Your Mental Health

Tinnitus and mental health

Tinnitus is a condition that causes constant ringing in your ears. If you’re unsure if you’ve experienced it before, it’s likely you have seen it in the media. For example, movie characters may get tinnitus when they are exposed to a nearby explosion. It’s also often used in first-person shooter games like Call of Duty or Battlefield.  Continue reading


6 Ways Vaping Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Vaping and mental health

Conventional cigarettes may soon be a thing of the past. Although there are still people out there who prefer lighting up a cigarette, an increasing number of adults are switching to vaping devices. What’s the reason for the switch? Vapes often contain far fewer harmful chemicals than regular cigarettes. There is also overwhelming anecdotal evidence that vaping may even contribute to better mental health. Continue reading


Can Vaping Help with Depression and Anxiety?

vaping CBD for depression and anxiety

Anxiety and depression are two of the most prevalent mental health conditions in modern society. However, both conditions are highly treatable. One way that people today are trying to cope with these and other mental health issues is by taking an all natural substance called cannabidiol or CBD.  The question is, does vaping CBD for better mental health actually work? Continue reading


Explaining The Interesting Psychology Behind Shoplifting

psychology of shoplifting

Shoplifting is one of the most common forms of theft, and it can have serious consequences for those who are caught in the act. Shoplifting is a complex behavior, but several theories attempt to explain it. Some experts believe that shoplifting is a form of impulse control disorder or an expression of unresolved psychological problems such as depression or anxiety. Continue reading