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The Spinning Dancer Illusion

the silhouette illusion

This popular illusion created by Nobuyuki Kayahara in 2003, shows the spinning silhouette of a female dancer.  If the viewer’s perception is that the foot touching the floor is the left foot, then the dancer appears to be spinning in a clockwise direction. If the foot touching the floor is perceived to be the right foot, then the dancer seems to be spinning in a counterclockwise direction. Continue reading


Are Men Funnier Than Women?

which is the funnier sex?So, everyone has heard the results of the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest.  After a panel of men and women reviewed the captions, their findings deemed men were funnier by the merest of a fraction of a percent.  However, men think men are funnier; men like men’s humor better; men like sexist jokes; men try harder and there is a huge stereotypical image in the general population of men being the funnier sex. Continue reading


Effective Psychological Strategies Used in Advertising

Advertising is intrinsically linked to the science of psychology. In this short video Dr. Robert Cialdini discusses various psychological techniques employed by advertisers in order to influence consumer thinking and boost product sales. Among the strategies discussed are the principles of reciprocation, scarcity, authority, commitment, liking and consensus.

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