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The Stanford Prison Experiment

The Stanford Prison Experiment, conducted in August 1971 by Philip Zimbardo, remains one of the most infamous and unethical studies ever conducted in the field of psychology. Continue reading


Effective Psychological Strategies Used in Advertising

Advertising is intrinsically linked to the science of psychology. In this short video Dr. Robert Cialdini discusses various psychological techniques employed by advertisers in order to influence consumer thinking and boost product sales. Among the strategies discussed are the principles of reciprocation, scarcity, authority, commitment, liking and consensus.

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Pokemon Healthcare: A Psychology Test

How far would you go before admitting you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about? The young men in the video above conducted an experiment with the aim of testing the listening ability of various persons. What the results show, however, is that if we have the preconceived notion that we are very knowledgeable in a particular topic, we will say almost anything before we admit to ignorance.