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Treatment Options for States with Opioid Addiction Issues

Opioids are a specific class of drugs that are known to have neurological and pain reduction properties. When prescribed and used properly, these drugs can have significant, positive impacts in terms of pain reduction. Unfortunately, they can also be extremely addictive, and this makes them a common substance for abuse. Furthermore, opioid abuse can often contribute to an individual eventually turning to illegal and highly dangerous drugs like heroin. Continue reading


Tips for Treating Addiction with Ibogaine

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Ibogaine is a psychoactive drug that has been used to treat addiction for decades. However, Ibogaine is still relatively unknown by many people with drug and alcohol abuse issues. Although Ibogaine has the potential to reduce many of the physical and psychological effects of chemical dependency, its acceptance as a viable tool in the fight against opioid addiction is still highly debated. Continue reading