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Do Violent Video Games Affect Behavior?

video games aggressive behaviorAlthough traditional video game consoles like PlayStation and Xbox are being challenged by newcomers to the market – namely, affordable and fun “apps” for iPhones or Androids with plenty of amusing and comparable games to choose from – video games will not back down from their celebrated position as a beloved provider of entertainment.

This means that the controversial debate over the psychological effects of video games on children, whether beneficial or harmful, will continue. For parents, this means coming to terms with the fact that violent video games are here to stay, and then examining the psychological research on the link (if any) between these games and aggressive behavior. Continue reading


Guide to Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs

pet dog with toy

Separation anxiety is a common problem in dogs, especially in certain breeds. Some dogs suffer only minor distress upon separation while others experience severe anxiety. If your dog responds to being left alone by urinating on the carpet, howling, chewing on the furniture, or pacing compulsively, he likely suffers from significant separation anxiety and would benefit from treatment. Continue reading


Does Media Violence affect our Children?

violent video gamesIt is a generally accepted fact that the media influence how persons construct and perceive reality. It is also widely “believed that repeated exposure to real-life and to entertainment violence may alter cognitive, affective, and behavioral processes, possibly leading to desensitization” (Funk, Baldacci, Pasold & Baumgardner, 2003). The term desensitization refers to the weakening of cognitive, emotional, and, ultimately, behavioral responses to a particular stimulus.

Desensitization to violence is slow and subtle, and may occur as a consequence of “repeated exposure to real-life violence, as well as from exposure to media violence” (Funk, et al., 2003). Continue reading