The Psychology of Shopping – Infographic

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This infographic explores the psychology of shopping. Believe it or not, if you understand a few basic truths about the way in which people shop, you can reliably predict their choices before they even arrive at the decision-making process. Knowing that the shopping behavior of a buyer tends to solidify over time, any marketer that is able to observe patterns can affect the choices of target consumers. To this end, some store owners have installed security cameras which allow them to observe the behaviors of their customers. This data has revealed numerous behavioral trends, one of which is that many customers tend to turn to the right when shopping. Therefore, the best items will be placed on shelves in front of and to the right of the customers when they enter the store!

[showmyads]Other observations include the assertion that consumers will increase spending in order to use a coupon. Users also tire of too many choices and are actually less satisfied when the selection pool of options is too large. In short, people want choices but they also want to be able to make an easy decision. In the end the customers buy the items being marketed while still feeling as though the decision was totally theirs!

psychology of shopping

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