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How To Reduce The Stress Of Running A Beauty Business

How to reduce stress

The mental health industry and the beauty industry may be more closely connected than you think. Many people visit beauty salons when they feel emotionally overwhelmed because certain beauty treatments such as hot oil massages and spending some time in a sauna are excellent ways to relax. However, running a beauty business can bring its own challenges and anxieties. If you are a salon or spa owner, here are a few ways to make a big impact in the beauty industry without the usual stress. Continue reading


How Working From Home May Impact Your Mental Health

mental health working from home

When the pandemic first took hold, the new remote working models adopted in many industries were novel and exciting. However, organizations and institution leaders continue to struggle with reviewing plans, policies, and regulations surrounding remote work models. Although many companies have tried to address the situation by introducing hybrid work models that encourage both remote and in-office work, employees are still in a state of flux. Not surprisingly, the changes have had positive and negative impacts on employee mental health and work performance.  Continue reading


Is Your Job Killing You? – Infographic

stress managementStress is an inevitable part of day to day life and the workplace is just one of its many sources. But even so, you can learn to keep stress levels in check. There have been numerous studies which confirm that stress on the job can wreak havoc on your general health. In fact, frequent headaches and heart palpitations are signs that your job could be slowly killing you.

People who are chronically stressed are more likely to develop heart disease, insomnia, digestive problems, obesity and a decline in mental health. Chronic stress has been linked to depression, anxiety and memory problems. Do not be afraid to take a few days off from your job if you feel that you have been working too hard and are too stressed out. Coming back to work when fresh in body and mind can make all the difference. Continue reading