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5 Ways To Improve Your Sleeping Patterns Without The Need For Sleeping Pills!

How to get better sleep

Many of us suffer with our sleeping patterns these days. We live in a world where we’re continually on the go, while stress levels are continuing to rise as we try to combat the cost-of-living crisis and everything that comes with it.  Continue reading


How Can Meditation Music Help You Sleep?

how music helps sleep

Sleep is an integral component of good physical and mental health. Sleep gives your organs and muscles the time they need to relax and repair damaged cells. However, due to unhealthy lifestyle habits and increasing stress at work or school, most people don’t get the sleep they need. The sleep experts at Sweet Island Dreams believe that many common sleep issues today can be resolved by making simple lifestyle changes. Listening to music is one effective suggestion. Continue reading


4 Daily Habits That Can Boost Your Mental Health

exercise and mental health

Many people lead such busy lives that they often forget to check on the status of their mental health. Ironically, it is this tendency to put mental health way down on our list of priorities that mental health issues are becoming such a major cause for concern today. However, there are ways you can gradually improve your mental health while focusing on other activities and events that matter to you. Check out these four healthy habits that can boost your mental health over time even if you aren’t aware of it. Continue reading


How Sleep Impacts Your Mental Health

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It is a well known fact that sleep is closely linked with good mental health. However, an increasing number of people are either not getting enough sleep or not getting the quality of sleep they need. Harvard Medical School reports that up to 18% of adults in the United States are currently experiencing chronic sleep problems. Interestingly, the increase in sleep issues in the United States correlates with the rising rate of mental health problems in the country. Continue reading