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Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action (Video)

In a fascinating talk, Simon Sinek discusses the fundamental differences between “leaders” and “those who lead.” He proposes his theory of the golden circle and asserts that “those who lead” are able to build a fiercely loyal following because they focus, not on what they do, but why they do it. He references great leaders, innovators and corporations such as Martin Luther King, the Wright Brothers and Apple, who influenced the world simply because they were able to attract and inspire people who shared their beliefs.

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What is Educational Psychology?

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Educational psychology is the scientific field concerned with applying psychological theories and concepts to the understanding and improvement of teaching and learning in formal educational settings. In simpler terms, it is concerned with the study of how students learn and how teachers can help them to learn effectively. Educational psychology draws on and combines various psychological theories and principles – such as those related to human development, motivation, learning, behavior management and assessment, among others – in order to improve the conditions of teaching and learning. Educational psychologists study the process of learning not only among the general population but also among sub-groups such as gifted children and those with various learning disabilities. Continue reading


Keep Employees Happy Without the Flashy Perks

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“Susan, I’d like to have a word with you about that incident during my talk about employee engagement the other day. Please, come on down to my office at about 3:00. You know which one it is? The big one on the corner with all the windows. I have a little chair for you right in front of my great big desk. Just let my secretary’s assistant know that you are here. Her name is Sandy, I think. Don’t be late. My helicopter will be waiting to take me to that executive retreat in Telluride.” Continue reading