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Smart Advice For Better Mind And Body Care

Practical health advice

As you may know, professional advice on how you can take care of your body and mind has changed a lot over the years. There was a time when people thought cigarettes were healthy and eggs caused heart disease. Now, we know both of those statements to be false. So, what are the experts saying now? In this article we will consider a few practical, evidence-based tips you can use to improve your physical and mental health.  Continue reading


Take Advantage Of Your Local Mental Resources

Find local mental health resources

Occasional sadness, grief, stress, anxiety, and panic attacks it’s undeniable that most people face mental health issues at some point. However, facing extreme emotional baggage alone can be detrimental to your physical and mental health long term. It is important to get help whenever you recognize that your emotions are out of control and you feel overwhelmed. In this article you will be reminded of several local mental health resources you have access to when you need help to heal.  Continue reading


How to Improve Your Mental Health Daily

How to relax with music

Life gets complicated from time to time. And when problems arise in one facet of your life, it is possible for stress and anxiety to negatively affect other parts of your daily routine. People with chronic mental health concerns and individuals who are going though addiction treatment may find it particularly challenging to maintain a positive outlook. However, it is possible to give yourself a mental health boost each day. Here are a few strategies you can employ to keep your emotions under control, stay positive, and maintain your mental clarity. Continue reading


5 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Benefit Your Mental Health

Mental health benefits of meditation

If you are looking to improve your mental health using simple, natural methods, there are a variety of options available to you. However, making healthy changes in your daily routine will likely have the most powerful effect. Many people have been able to improve how they feel and increase their quality of life without spending a ton of money. For the best results, stick with these recommendations for the long term unless you are instructed to do otherwise by your doctor. Continue reading


How A Spontaneous Holiday May Improve Your Mental Health

Spontaneous Holidays and Mental HealthMany of us like to stay in our comfort zones when we go on holiday. We may book a trip to a place we’re familiar with and give ourselves several months of advanced planning to ensure we have everything we need. However, booking a holiday spontaneously may be even more beneficial for your mental health.

Although having thorough plans will often put your mind at ease, a spontaneous holiday in an unfamiliar location allows you to build your confidence. Simply arrange your travel documents and apply for your European Health Card to get these four awesome benefits from your next spontaneous holiday: Continue reading


How Going on Vacation May Help Your Mental Health

Traveling and mental health
We all love to travel, right? We certainly do! You’ll be pleased to know that traveling is great for more than just getting the perfect Instagram picture. One of the biggest benefits of travelling is that it significantly improves your physical health and mental health. On holidays, we tend to walk more, whether it is to the beach or pool (or bar!), which improves our mood and sleep quality. All this walking around will require adequate shoe insoles, such as the ones provided by Protalus. As a result of this, our mental health thrives.  Before you pack your suitcase,
EHIC card and favorite pair of prescription sunglasses, find out other ways traveling benefits our mental health below.
Continue reading