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How To Support A Family Member With Dementia

caring for an elderly man with dementia

Caring for an older family member with dementia poses unique challenges both for the elderly individual and the caregiver. The affected person’s memory and communication skills will deteriorate as the condition worsens over time. Although there will be moments when you feel frustrated, it is possible to maintain a positive relationship with your loved one. Consider these helpful tips to improve your caregiving skills and reduce your stress levels as you care for a family member with dementia. Continue reading


7 Strategies to Reduce Your Risk of Developing Dementia

how to prevent dementiaKeeping your brain healthy becomes more important as you age. This is because elderly people are at higher risk of developing cognitive issues such as memory loss and dementia. However, a number of studies show that individuals who stay mentally active by playing brain games or performing memory exercises are less likely to experience cognitive decline when they get older. Keep reading to find out more about what dementia is and what you can do to avoid it.    Continue reading