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Dan Gilbert: Why We Make Bad Decisions (Video)

From buying a burger, to eating chips, to playing the lottery — Dan Gilbert examines the decision-making process and attempts to explain why we make bad choices. He speaks about the significance of Bernoulli’s equation to everyday life and posits that humans are not very adept at calculating “expected value.” Gilbert also highlights how our decisions can change when making comparisons with the past instead of with the possible, as well as how time impacts decision-making and satisfaction.

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It Doesn’t Take Long To Pick Up the Toys When Everyone Helps

cooperation in business

Cooperation isn’t just a “nice-to-do,” it is a survival mechanism for organizations. It also appears that it is the same for the human species. Our evolution has depended on our willingness and ability to cooperate. Continue reading


Deferred Gratification – The Stanford Marshmallow Experiment


What’s so fascinating about eating a marshmallow? Quite a lot as it turns out. In 1972, Stanford University’s Walter Mischel conducted one of psychology’s classic behavioral experiments on deferred gratification. Deferred gratification refers to an individual’s ability to wait in order to achieve a desired object or outcome. Continue reading