How Selecting the Right Printing Options may Impact Human Psychology

psychology of colorToday, buying a new printer and a stack of printing paper is pretty straightforward. Likely, the only concerns a potential customer may have are related to product quality and whether or not purchasing said products is likely to result in cheap printing costs. However, the quality of your printer and your printing paper may actually have a profound effect on a person’s psychology. How is that possible? Consider these 4 ways mentioned below:

  • Emotional impact

There are many research studies that support the view that color may have a significant impact on an individual’s emotions. However, the idea that specific colors always evoke specific emotions is very wide of the mark. As with most phenomena, culture, context, personal preference, and personal experience all play a major role in how a person views a particular color. Nevertheless, there are some general trends that are worth noting.

The color green, for example, is believed to promote feelings of health and growth among many people; darker colors and shades such as black and grey are thought to evoke feelings of sadness or depression; and white is thought to inspire feelings of purity and cleanliness (as with snow and hospital decor). Clearly, if your goal is to evoke a particular belief, thought or emotion with a printed page, you need a printer that can produce the required quality.  

  1. Decision-making and marketing

With color having been shown to impact the way we think and feel, it is not surprising that these basic psychological principles have been incorporated into various marketing efforts. One study conducted by Satyendra Singh at the University of Winnipeg shows that up to 90% of snap judgments about products may be made on color alone. Another study conducted by Paul Bottomley and John Doyle highlights how important it is for a color to fit the product or brand being sold. Essentially, the way a customer perceives a brand is greatly influenced by its colors.

If you are involved in advertising, marketing, or poster production it is essential to have a printer that is able produce the intense hues needed to attract your customers. A brighter shade of orange, yellow, or red may be all it takes to boost your sales.

  1. Professionalism

Not all documents are equal. For example, your efforts to compile your daily to-do list are hardly comparable to the care you take to prepare your resume for a new job. When printing important documents, it crucial to pay attention to the type of paper you use. Your paper says a lot about you.

Gloss paper is the best selection for photo printing, brochures, and posters as it provides higher contrast and color gamut. Matte paper can be useful for prints that are displayed in brightly lit areas as this finish minimizes glare. Paper brightness is an important factor as impacts the contrast between ink and the paper. The brightness scale ranges from 1-100, with standard paper measuring about 80, and premium paper measuring between 97-100. For professional text documents, use paper with higher brightness and a higher GSM (grams per square meter). This type of paper is thicker, heavier, and evokes a feeling of importance when handled by people you need to impress.

  1. Peace of Mind

Let’s be honest, the real reason any person decides to buy a personal printer is because he or she needs reliable printing at a moment’s notice. Business proposals, work schedules, school assignments, and last minute holiday cards all need to be printed well and printed on time.

Having a machine you can rely on can do much to promote peace of mind and relieve tension. After all, nothing is more nerve-wracking than having a paper due in 5 minutes and encountering a paper jam or the dreaded “printing error.”