Exploring the Effects of Magic Mushrooms on Mental Health

Mental health benefits of magic mushrooms

Psilocybin has shown promise in the last 20 years for the treatment of mental and behavioral health issues. It is frequently connected to recreational usage and the counterculture of the 1960s. The substance, which is found in “magic mushrooms,” activates the brain’s serotonin receptors to produce psychedelic actions. According to research, it can help in the controlled treatment of psychiatric diseases like depression. The number of active chemicals in each form of mushroom can vary. This makes the effects of magic mushrooms dependent on the dosage and variety consumed.

4 Mental Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushroom use can lead to heightened emotions and sensations, resulting in feelings of joy, creativity, mental clarity, and laughter. The following are some of the benefits of using it to improve your mental health:


Psilocybin may have the ability to reduce anxiety, but there’s a need for more research. Fifty-one patients with terminal cancer diagnoses participated in a 2016 examination that gave them either a high or extremely low dose of psilocybin. Those who received a higher dose of the drug experienced greater improvement in their quality of life, purpose, and outlook. They also reported a reduced fear of death compared to the group that received a low dose.


Research suggests that mental health professionals could utilize psilocybin and similar hallucinogenic substances to address depression. Psilocybin was tested in an experiment to see if it could reduce depressive symptoms while maintaining emotional sensitivity. The results show that psilocybin may be useful in treating depression when used in addition to psychological support.


In 2017, a study suggested that psychedelic substances such as psilocybin could be beneficial for managing migraines and cluster headaches. However, another study showed that psilocybin may sometimes cause headaches. The severity of the headaches was found to vary based on the dosage of the psychedelic drugs administered. However, the symptoms were neither severe nor disabling, according to the researchers.


Currently, scientists are looking into whether psilocybin can help people stop smoking, drinking, or abusing drugs. In a single, brief study, scientists investigated the potential of psilocybin as a remedy for alcoholism. The researchers observed a decrease in alcohol consumption and alcohol cravings among individuals who were treated with psilocybin. Psilocybin greatly increased the probability that smokers would continue to abstain for up to 12 months, according to a small-scale experimental study.

Side Effects of Magic Mushrooms on Mental Health

A few negative side effects of using magic mushrooms include:

  • Distorted sense of time, place, and reality
  • Euphoria 
  • Hallucinations (visual or auditory) 
  • Having introspective (spiritual) experiences
  • Nervousness
  • Panic reactions 
  • Paranoia 
  • Psychosis


Magic mushrooms can be effective in managing some mental health issues. But it’s crucial that you are aware of the risks and your own limitations. It is strongly recommended that you do not try to self-administer this treatment as you may not experience positive results. If you want to try magic mushrooms for mental health, please speak with your doctor or check with a specialized institution with experts who can prepare you for your journey to better mental health. Such experts are available at Tangerine Retreat.