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6 Tips To Create A Safe Living Space To Improve Your Mental Health

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Your living space significantly impacts the state of your mind, and with the high levels of stress in the modern world, it is more than important to prioritize your mental health. The COVID 19 pandemic has brought a new perspective to how we organize our living spaces, mainly because more people have had to spend more time working from home. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to create a safe living space to improve your mental well-being, and here are some tips for you. Continue reading


How Mental Health Issues Impact Safe Driving in San Diego

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In the United States, mental health issues affect a significant number of people. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 out of every 5 Americans is affected by a mental health condition. This is a staggering number and only covers those who honestly admit that they have a problem or seek help. This infers that the number could be even higher.  This post examines what mental health issues are and how they may affect your ability to drive.  It also explains how you can seek help if you believe you need it. Continue reading


How To Protect Your Mental Health

how to protect your mental health

After two years of lockdowns, restrictions on movement, physical distancing, quarantines, international wars, and global economic troubles, a growing number of people have come to recognize the importance of mental health. The COVID-19 pandemic and the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war have contributed to a surge in mental health issues around the world. However, an individual with good mental health is more likely to show emotional stability, resilience, and positivity in uncertain times. And good mental health is needed because it is clear that we are living in uncertain times right now. Continue reading


How Working From Home May Impact Your Mental Health

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When the pandemic first took hold, the new remote working models adopted in many industries were novel and exciting. However, organizations and institution leaders continue to struggle with reviewing plans, policies, and regulations surrounding remote work models. Although many companies have tried to address the situation by introducing hybrid work models that encourage both remote and in-office work, employees are still in a state of flux. Not surprisingly, the changes have had positive and negative impacts on employee mental health and work performance.  Continue reading


What To Do When A Loved One With An Addiction Is In Denial

addiction denial

Living with an addiction is very difficult for the person directly impacted as well as the people he or she lives with. This problem is only further exacerbated if the individual is in a state of denial and is not willing to take any steps to improve his or her situation. How can you assist a loved one who is in denial about his or her addiction issues? Keep on reading to find out. Continue reading


7 Tips to Find the Best Mental Health Insurance Companies

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Shopping for health insurance can be difficult as there are so many health insurance providers touting their services. If you have questions specifically about mental health or addiction services, things can become even more confusing. If you’re seeking coverage for mental health and addiction issues but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. This article discusses why insurance is important and suggests 7 tips you can use to find an insurance plan that fits your mental health needs. Continue reading