VIDEO – Can Video Games Make You Smarter?

The video above provides a fascinating look at how action video games can positively impact our memory, strategic planning, fine motor skills and attention to detail. Rather than being a mere waste of time, researchers are actively investigating the possibility of using action video games as a form of therapy for persons suffering from disorders which impair proper cognitive function.


5 Effective Ways to Help Children with ADHD Develop Math Skills

ADHD and Math

Every child learns differently – some children are visual learners, some auditory, some tactile – but children with ADHD have difficulty focusing, sitting still, and are easily distracted, sometimes making it appear impossible to teach them anything. Continue reading “5 Effective Ways to Help Children with ADHD Develop Math Skills” »


The Psychology of Lying – Infographic

How to bluff

How many people have you spoken to today? Do you know if one of them was lying to you? If it was a one-on-one chat then the chances are that the conversation involved at least one lie. Continue reading “The Psychology of Lying – Infographic” »