The Psychology of Hazing – Infographic

college hazing

It happens all the time, but it usually only hits the news when tragedy strikes. Hazing is the process of “initiating” new members to a social group by coercing them into violent and/or degrading situations. Continue reading “The Psychology of Hazing – Infographic” »


How to Motivate Middle School Students

motivation in school

Teaching middle school students is no easy feat. These kids at an age where they want their independence but they’re still too immature to be left alone entirely. They need a lot of guidance in order to succeed. Plus, since they’re dealing with the pressures of growing up and the hormones that come with it, they tend to get emotional and their moods are hard to manage. Therefore, it’s extremely important for teachers to learn the tricks that work for motivating these socially and biologically flustered young minds. Continue reading “How to Motivate Middle School Students” »


Craig Tracy’s Tiger Illusion

tiger illusion craig tracy

Most persons see a tiger in the image above, but the more perceptive among us might just be able to see something else. If you’d like a hint as to what is hidden in this image, then please have a look at the Craig Tracy Leopard Illusion.