Living on Planet Placebo

placebo effect

My most unethical psychological experiment to date involved treating my accountant friend Greg to what is now considered to be an “alcopop.” With his back turned, I dashed some into a tot glass and palmed the rest to my not-so-glamorous assistant. I announced that this drink was aptly called a “Silver Bullet!” I went on to claim that the barman had made a passing remark about it being by far the strongest concoction in the house. As an aside, I kindly warned him that soon he might not able to walk and that perhaps it was a good idea to sip it slowly. The experiment was too successful and backfired terribly, as I was left to negotiate with a now slurring and inebriated birthday boy. Getting him home early was even harder. Continue reading “Living on Planet Placebo” »


David Pizarro: The Strange Politics of Disgust

In this intriguing talk, David Pizarro speaks about the emotion of disgust, and its far reaching influence on our thoughts and actions. He explains that while disgust acts as an effective defense mechanism against physiological poisons, the emotion also strongly affects our moral judgment as well as our political orientation.


The Psychology of Shopping – Infographic

marketing psychology

This infographic explores the psychology of shopping. Believe it or not, if you understand a few basic truths about the way in which people shop, you can reliably predict their choices before they even arrive at the decision-making process. Continue reading “The Psychology of Shopping – Infographic” »