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Marriage Psychology & Counseling: Managing Incompatibility in a Relationship

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Experiencing ups and downs in your relationship is natural. Your partner feeling insecure because you have been too busy at work or going berserk because you forgot to make it to a date on time are common problems that can be worked through. However, if you’re in an incompatible relationship, you’re looking at issues that are way bigger than those previously mentioned. In fact, incompatibility is in a completely different ballpark. Continue reading


4 Signs You May Need Grief Counseling

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We all go through loss during our lifetimes, and while it’s universal, everyone deals with grief in different ways. There are many factors that can shape the way one reacts to the death of a loved one, like your relationship to that person, previous experiences with death, and religious beliefs. For some, it can take weeks, while others need months to work through the acute stages of grief. Most can do so within the first year, but many struggle with lingering sorrows even when they have a solid support system.  Continue reading


Divorce and Mental Health: 5 Tips For Effective Self-Care

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From trying to handle the legal process with a divorce lawyer in Philadelphia to navigating your own emotions, divorce can often significantly impact mental health. Stress, anxiety, and self-esteem can all run low during such a trying time. It’s important that even during such a stressful time that you prioritize your mental health. Below are five tips to help you care for yourself while navigating divorce. Continue reading


4 Tips To Overcome Mental Health Challenges During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to everyday life. Many people feel as if they’re living in a prolonged period of uncertainty as evidenced by their canceled plans, paused dreams, and drastically changed routines. Not to mention the fact that the virus has put everyone on high alert over the very real possibility of getting sick. A number of health organizations have stressed the need to stay at home and practice regular hand washing and social distancing.   Continue reading


3 Ways Psychology Can Help You Live A Better Life

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Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. The field examines how people think, feel, and react to certain stimuli around them. While some people may believe that psychology is only for students, academics, or therapists, the truth is psychology can help many people to improve their day to day life. Of course, registered psychologists like Dr. Sara Harowitz can also assist people in therapy who are trying to cope with emotional and mental health issues. Continue reading


How to Help a Loved One with Drug Addiction

It can be difficult to help a close friend or family member who is suffering from substance addiction. However, it is important to remember that your loved one has a much greater chance of overcoming his addiction if his social network is filled with people who show love, understanding, and support. Finding the right words to say may be hard, but you can have a positive influence on your loved one if you take the time to educate yourself about his condition. It is also helpful if you have realistic expectations of what the road to recovery may be like.  Continue reading