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Does Smoking Make You Sexy?

smoking sexy attractive

Smoking is a hot topic. It seems like everyone has an opinion, and people are often quite passionate about their stance. But one question that remains open is whether smoking makes you sexy. Some people think that smoking gives you a certain edge, but does the research back that up? Here, we’ll take a closer look at the evidence to see if smoking can make you appear more attractive to the opposite sex. Stay tuned. Continue reading


How Your Personality Traits Can Affect Your Dating Game

personality types and dating

It’s no secret that humans have a lot in common. However, we all have characteristics that make us unique and the truth is some personality traits can affect our dating game. For example, if you’re a visual learner, you might not be as good at keeping track of the nuances in a conversation. For the most part, your success may depend on the situation you are in, the type of person you are, and the type of person you are with. Here are a few ways your personality traits may affect your dating game. Continue reading


How To Provide Support For A Loved One With Cancer

cancer mental health

It’s tough to watch a loved one go through cancer. Many people tend to focus on the physical challenges, but individuals with cancer often carry a very heavy mental and emotional burden as well. Caring for a sick family member or friend can take a toll on your health. So it’s important to take care of yourself so that you can be there for them when they need you most. In this article we will discuss how to provide effective long term support for your loved one without breaking down in the process. Continue reading


What To Do When A Loved One With An Addiction Is In Denial

addiction denial

Living with an addiction is very difficult for the person directly impacted as well as the people he or she lives with. This problem is only further exacerbated if the individual is in a state of denial and is not willing to take any steps to improve his or her situation. How can you assist a loved one who is in denial about his or her addiction issues? Keep on reading to find out. Continue reading


4 Things You Should Know About Couples Counseling

benefits of couples counseling

Couples counseling is a form of psychotherapy that helps intimate partners strengthen their relationship. It can help improve communication and resolve interpersonal conflicts. Good communication and conflict resolution are crucial to sustaining any healthy long-term relationship. Counseling encourages open discussion about problems before they become damaging, which can lead to more productive solutions than if the issues were never addressed at all. Continue reading


5 Signs You Are Becoming Addicted to Something

signs of addiction

For some people, addiction is something that they are aware of, but for others, it can be challenging to know when it’s impacting your life. In certain situations, you may feel as if you are just having a good time. However, you could be setting yourself up for a dangerous decline. Continue reading