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Choosing Between Psychology and Psychiatry

psychiatry vs psychology

You’re interested in the human mind, and you want to help people. But how can you best do that? If you’re trying to decide between the fields of psychiatry and psychology, neither is better in terms of helping people, but they are different fields. Here are a few factors you should consider before you make your decision. Continue reading


How to Improve Your Mental Health in College

mental health in college

Whether you’re 18 or over 50, your mental health is important. Daily life stressors combined with going to college at any age may lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. The thing is, even though we all experience emotional issues from time to time, younger adults may not yet know how to process them as effectively as someone who’s older. However, the tips below will help you to deal with the challenges of adjusting to college life and dealing with the many other challenges you face each day.  Continue reading


How the Right Mindset Can Help You Become a Successful Investor

psychology of investing

One of the most important traits of successful investors is having a balanced and positive mindset. The ability to keep your emotions under control and remain objective during the ups and downs of the market are crucial to making long-term gains. Having the right mindset makes your investment decisions easier because you will have the confidence to stick to your investment plan rather than react to every news item in mainstream media. If you want to improve your performance in the financial markets, check out the 5 helpful suggestion below. Continue reading


The Potential Role of CBD in Treating Depression and Anxiety

buy CBD oil online

An increasing number of people are becoming aware of the potential health benefits of using CBD. Several studies indicate that people who use CBD are better able to cope with symptoms associated with mental health issue such as depression and anxiety. But what exactly is CBD? Let’s learn a bit more about the incredible substance and its origins. Continue reading