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Classic Psychology Experiments (Video)

There have been countless experiments across numerous topics throughout the relatively short history of the science of Psychology. Among the multitude of experiments however, are those select few which have become landmark studies in the field. In the video above, we learn about some of these classic studies which, despite often being controversial and sometimes even unethical by today’s standards, paved the way for deeper insights into human behavior and the human mind.


Psych 101 – Introduction to Psychology – Lecture 4

As we continue to explore the biological basis of human behaviour, the focus shifts to the topic of sensation. In this lecture we examine the roles of stimuli and receptors, define key terms such as absolute threshold, sensory adaptation and just noticeable difference (JND), look at detailed structures of our major sense organs and discuss the different ways in which we experience the world through our senses.

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Infographic – Occupational Therapists 101

old man and woman with dogOccupational therapy is a holistic type of healthcare that focuses on maintaining, recovering, or improving patient skills to ensure they are able to perform meaningful activities throughout their life. More common practices include assisting children who have disabilities, helping recovering patients regain skills, and helping the elderly who are experiencing physical and mental changes.

Occupational therapy dates back to ancient times when treatments such as therapeutic baths were used as an alternate form of medicine. But it wasn’t until WWI that occupational therapy started to become standard practice in the medical field. Continue reading


Euro 2012 – Why English Fans Might Be More Entertained Than Their Spanish Counterparts

poland ukraine euro 2012

As football fans around the world prepare for the start of Euro 2012 this Friday, we cannot help but reflect on the contrasting circumstances of two of the tournament’s most talked about teams. As summer is to winter, as joy is to sorrow, as hope is to despair – so is the mighty Spain to lowly England. Continue reading


The Coffer Illusion

Find the 16 circles

Look closely at the picture shown above. The numerous horizontal and vertical stripes are easy to spot, but how many circles do you see? After you have finished counting the number of circles, go to page 2 for the correct answer and an explanation.