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Social Conformity – The Elevator Experiment

A few days ago, the staff at WIP released an article on the power of group pressure and social conformity on the decisions we make on a daily basis. Today we examine the principles of the classic Asch conformity experiments in a new setting…inside an elevator.


Why Do Women Love the Drama? A “Psycho” Analysis

women and dramaA new study published by Psychological Science, a journal for the Association for Psychological Science, found that a woman becomes more attracted to a man if she is completely uncertain whether or not he likes her. Continue reading


The Asch Conformity Experiments

Conformity refers to the practice of going along with prevailing social standards or attitudes. In the 1950’s, Solomon Asch conducted a series of experiments in which he studied the willingness of individual subjects to conform to group answers, even when those answers were obviously wrong. Continue reading