Sacrificing the Human Psyche at the Altar of Social Media? 4 Concerning Ill-Effects to Know

social media and mental health

Did you grow up in a world void of social media platforms? Then, you’re probably the last ‘lucky’ generation. A part of Generation Y and most of Generation Z have been raised alongside the internet and social media. Individuals belonging to the latter have practically been raised by such platforms, as they interact with strangers and share real-time life updates. Decades ago, such a practice would be considered unthinkable, let alone achievable. Continue reading


Efficiency Hacks for Graduate Students in Psychology

graduate studies in psychology

Graduate school in psychology can be a demanding journey. The constant stream of research, coursework, and clinical practice requires effective strategies to stay organized and productive. Here are some practical tips to help you navigate your graduate studies more efficiently. Continue reading


What are The Different Phases of EMDR Therapy?

stages of emdr therapy

EMDR therapy, also known as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, is an integrative and all-inclusive psychotherapy model used to treat mental conditions and trauma. This approach has been researched extensively in recent years and confirmed to be an effective way to tackle mental challenges. Continue reading


6 Tips to Make Your Mark in the Field of Psychology

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Psychology is a vast and dynamic field that offers numerous opportunities for individuals to make a significant impact. Whether through clinical practice, research, or teaching, the possibilities are endless for those eager to contribute to the understanding of human behavior and mental processes. To truly make your mark in psychology, it’s essential to focus on continual growth, networking, and applying innovative approaches to your work.  Continue reading


Self-Care Practices for Maintaining Mental Health and Wellbeing

A person sitting at a desk, writing a journal to preserve their mental health

Millions of Americans suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. And yet, many do not even know about the countless self-care practices for maintaining mental health and wellbeing. We will uncover some of the most effective practices for dealing with these issues. Let’s jump right in. Continue reading


How Innovations in Dental Services Transform Patient Care and Improve Mental Health

mental health benefits of dental care

Health experts agree that there is a clear connection between an individual’s dental health and mental health. But although this fact is supported by a number of clinical studies, it is rarely explored or discussed among health professionals. A person with poor oral health may experience bad breath, tooth loss, compromised speech and other symptoms that have a negative impact on his or her self-esteem, confidence, mood, and level of anxiety. However, recent innovations in dental services may help people to access better dental health care, improve their quality of life, and alleviate certain mental health concerns. Continue reading