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Sacrificing the Human Psyche at the Altar of Social Media? 4 Concerning Ill-Effects to Know

social media and mental health

Did you grow up in a world void of social media platforms? Then, you’re probably the last ‘lucky’ generation. A part of Generation Y and most of Generation Z have been raised alongside the internet and social media. Individuals belonging to the latter have practically been raised by such platforms, as they interact with strangers and share real-time life updates. Decades ago, such a practice would be considered unthinkable, let alone achievable. Continue reading


The Startling Link Between Social Media and Mental Health – Infographic

Addicted to facebookResearch believe there are strong connections between social media use and a range of adverse mental health issues such as narcissism, depression, voyeurism, and body dysmorphia. Consider the infographic below for more information on this startling link. Continue reading