Why Good Public Health Contributes to Good Mental Health

public mental health

Most people know that public health is integral to our society. It provides essential services that protect and improve the physical well-being of individuals, families, and communities. However, far fewer people are aware that mental health is also a key component of public health. In this article we will examine what public health is and the different roles public health officials play in our community. We will also look at how these efforts may directly and indirectly contribute to better mental health among residents.

What is Public Health?

The American Public Health Association (APHA) defines public health as a science that “protects the health of people and the communities where they live, work, play, and learn. Public health officials work closely with doctors, nurses, social workers, and therapists. However, there is a crucial difference between public health officials and these healthcare providers. While doctors and nurses work primarily with people who are physically sick, and therapists work primarily with individuals with mental health issues, public health officials try to prevent people from getting sick in the first place. They promote good health by encouraging people to change negative habits into positive ones and follow a healthier lifestyle.

The Role of Prevention in Public Health

Prevention is one of the key roles that public health plays in our society. Public health professionals can detect potential health threats through monitoring and surveillance and take preventive measures to contain or eradicate them. This can include vaccination programs to protect against infectious diseases and initiatives to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Public health also works to prevent the spread of contagious diseases through initiatives such as contact tracing and quarantining. Not only do these efforts help to improve the physical health of the general public, but they also help to reduce the prevalence of anxiety and depression as people can see for themselves that these issues can be effectively managed.

Aspiring professionals can specialize in the prevention and become epidemiologists, public health nutritionists, or environmental health specialists. An MPH online no GRE, is the first step toward a career in public health prevention. The coursework includes epidemiology, biostatistics, and ethical decision-making in healthcare.

However, prevention is not just about stopping illnesses but also promoting healthy lifestyles. Public health professionals can provide education on nutrition, exercise, and mental health to help individuals and communities lead healthier lives.

The Role of Intervention in Public Health

Public health interventions are essential for treating and managing physical and mental health issues, including chronic conditions. In addition to providing access to healthcare, public health professionals also work to ensure that the care people receive of high quality. This can include initiatives such as evidence-based guidelines for diagnosis and treatment, quality improvement initiatives, and monitoring of healthcare delivery.

Public health professionals also partner with community organizations to provide support and resources to those who may not have access to traditional healthcare. They can assist with housing, food security, education, and other social services to ensure everyone can access the necessary care.

The Role of Education in Public Health

Public health professionals work to prevent and manage illnesses and educate individuals, families, and communities about health. This can include providing nutrition, exercise, and mental health information and teaching individuals how to recognize the signs and symptoms of illness and when to seek medical care. Public health professionals also work to educate communities on how to reduce risks and protect their health, such as hand washing and safe food handling. Most importantly, public health professionals strive to empower individuals to control their health and well-being. However, education is not just about preventing illness but also about promoting healthy lifestyles. Public health professionals can provide resources to help individuals and families lead healthier lives, such as support for physical activity, healthy eating initiatives, and smoking cessation programs.

The Role of Research in Public Health

Research is an essential component of public health that helps professionals understand the impact of disease and environmental factors on health. Public health researchers use epidemiological methods to study disease causes, spread, and control. This research can help inform public health policies and programs and improve healthcare delivery. In addition, public health research helps inform the development of new treatments and therapies. As the field of public health continues to evolve, so too do the areas of research that professionals pursue. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), research topics may range from understanding the health impacts of climate change to reducing opioid abuse.

The Role of Policy in Public Health

Public health professionals also play an important role in policy-making. They use their expertise to inform decisions that shape the healthcare system and identify areas where policies need to be implemented or improved. This can include advocating for legislation to improve access to care, supporting initiatives to reduce health disparities, and promoting evidence-based practices. Public health professionals work with policymakers to ensure that legislation reflects the needs of their local communities and is consistent with the best evidence. Another reason policy is important in public health is that it can help create an environment where individuals can access the resources and support needed to lead healthier lives.

The Role of Global Health in Public Health

Global health is a growing field within public health that focuses on improving the health of communities worldwide. These health professionals work to develop and implement strategies to address public health challenges, such as infectious diseases, malnutrition, mental health issues, and access to care. These professionals often provide humanitarian aid, support emergency responses to outbreaks, and work with local and international organizations to promote global health equity. As these efforts continue to grow, global health professionals are helping to ensure that everyone worldwide has access to quality healthcare. 

The Benefits of Public Health

Public health professionals play an important role in protecting and improving the physical and mental health of individuals, families, and communities. Their efforts help reduce disease spread, improve care access, and promote healthier lifestyles. The field also provides exciting opportunities for professionals to impact the world positively. By working in public health, professionals can make a real difference in people’s lives and contribute to a healthier future for all. 

Pursuing a Career in Public Health

Public health careers are highly rewarding and offer individuals the chance to make a real positive difference. Professionals can pursue various roles, from epidemiology and laboratory science to policy-making and management. Depending on their interests and experience, professionals can choose between several career options in the field. A career in public health can be both rewarding and challenging, but it is an excellent opportunity to make a lasting positive impact on the health of individuals and communities. 


Public health is an essential field that protects and promotes the health of individuals, families, and communities through prevention, education, research, and policy. This field offers exciting opportunities for professionals to make a positive difference and contribute to global health equity. From providing access to care to reducing health disparities, public health professionals work tirelessly to pursue a healthier future for all.