What Does Your Watch Say About You?

psychology of watches

Tons of research show that an individual’s personality is often linked to how he or she perceives time. Yes, time matters. Personality traits such as orderliness, awareness, emotional stability, and diligence are often associated with people who value time. 

In the early years of watchmaking, powerful people such as business owners, the elite, or royalty thought it necessary to buy an expensive personal timepiece show they were control of their own time. These days, watches are more affordable and commonplace. Yet, watches still say much about the people who wear them. What might your watch be saying about you? Read on to find out!     

  1. I’d Like More Attention Please!

Pretty much anything you put on is regarded as a type of fashion. And be it for good or bad, fashion attracts attention. Your watch is no exception. It will, without a doubt, attract many more eyes than your own.

Some people pick a watch that fits in with their clothes. For these individuals, the color and style of the watch may be most important. Other people choose a watch that suits their body size. For example, individuals who are thinner tend to choose watches with thinner straps and a smaller face or dial. People with more body weight tend to go for thicker straps and larger dials. 

Onlookers may compliment you on your watch if it fits your style well. But if you want even more attention, all you need to do is wear a watch nobody expects you to. Remember that formal black and white dinner you were invited to? Wear a watch with thick red straps there. If you don’t have one, you can get one at watchshopping.com. You’re guaranteed to get all the attention you could ever want!  

  1. My Social Status Is Pretty High

If you have an expensive watch it immediately tells people that you are high class…or at least you hope to be. With the advent of cell phones and other digital devices, a watch can hardly be considered to be a necessity for most men and women today. Wearing a pricey brand name watch that is well-designed and crafted with high quality materials gives onlookers the impression that you have found a measure of success in life. But be careful, it may also make you a prime target for crooks.  

  1. I’m A Practical Person

Let’s be honest. Most of us can’t afford the handcrafted Swiss watches we see celebrities wear. But does that mean less expensive watches reflect poorly on us? Not at all.

There are many excellent watchmakers around the world who produce attractive watches at affordable prices. They key is for us to work within our budget. Some people may choose to buy a particular watch because of their hobbies, profession, or the environment they are most likely to be in. For example, athletes may prefer a digital watch with a stopwatch feature, depth indicator, and heart rate monitor. Non-athletes who enjoy the outdoors may prefer a simpler watch that is 100% waterproof.   

As we mentioned before, time matters. When it is gone, we cannot get it back. So make the most of your time as you go about your personal affairs each day. With a new watch, you can keep track of every amazing second of your life.

Image courtesy of Lance Goyke