What Are the Mental Health Benefits of Studying Nursing Online?

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Choosing to train as a nurse or progress your existing career in the healthcare field is a big life decision. Taking time to study and commit your attention to something as important as caring for people who need you is a highly compassionate act. Not everyone is cut out for studying to become a nurse since the process requires you to be exceptionally resilient and able to look for solutions to complex problems with high stakes. If you are someone who thrives under pressure and is dedicated to improving the lives of other people, it is understandable that you are drawn to a career in nursing.

Here you will find information about the various aspects of studying to become a nurse online that can positively and negatively affect your mental health, along with a few tips to help you.

Why is Studying Nursing Good for Your Mental Wellbeing?

Despite the fact that nursing is an incredibly tough career choice, it is surprisingly beneficial to a person’s mental health when they spend much of their day making sure that other people are comfortable and well. Studies have shown that people gain more pleasure and satisfaction from being generous rather than pursuing acts that should increase their happiness levels more directly. Even though the challenges of the job are many, nursing provides offers much life satisfaction by giving you plenty of opportunities to make the world a better place.

Why Do Nurses Need to Pay Extra Attention to Their Mental Health?

Unfortunately, the satisfaction of helping others is sometimes overshadowed by the intensity and difficulty of the role. This is why nurses must be particularly aware of their own mental wellbeing so that they can continue to provide support to their patients. This is true even as a nursing student since you must get into the practice of noticing your emotional state and addressing it in the most healthy and helpful way. It is vital that you learn how to understand your inner self in preparation for times of hardship.

What Are the Potential Risks of Traditional Learning to Mental Wellbeing?

There are many benefits to studying your nursing program online, but there are also reasons that traditional, in-person learning can be potentially damaging to a person’s mental health. Here are a few examples:

  • The lack of flexibility with time means that many students are not only stressed about their subject but also about commuting to campus or finding the correct building. Although, for many people, this is a minor issue, it can build up over time into greater stress.
  • A large number of people suffer from some form of social anxiety, which can be exacerbated by being made to attend lessons in a crowded space. Instead of being able to focus on the lesson, a socially anxious person might be distracted by trying to stay calm in a situation that they find stressful.
  • Not everyone learns in the same way, and when attending in-person classes, it can be difficult to keep up and absorb information in the way you prefer. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy or failure simply because of the pressure to perform around others.

The Benefits of Online Studying

Now that some of the disadvantages to mental health through in-person learning have been outlined, it is worth taking a look at the reasons to choose online learning for your nursing qualifications.

Better Focus and Less Stress

One of the biggest issues that students face in in-person programs is the amount of stress they face as a result of rigid timetables and different venues. When studying online, a student nurse can create an environment that is better suited to their specific learning style and comfort needs. Students can concentrate entirely on their subjects without the added stress of attending physical classes. Programs at Wilkes University are designed so that all coursework is entirely online, making it easier for nursing students to streamline their studies and work at a rate that suits them.

Improved Time Management and Space for Relaxation

When you study online, you are in charge of your work and the level of pressure you need to complete it. Although deadlines and coursework are still set by your program leaders, you have more freedom to explore the topics yourself and in your own way. This lets your mind learn in a state of relaxation rather than panic, helping the information to stay cemented for longer. You must take control of your own time management and rely upon yourself to stick to important coursework deadlines or exam dates.


For many people studying for a nursing qualification, they already have a career and family life as well. Experienced nurses return to education to advance their careers, and in order to avoid uprooting their lifestyle, online learning is an ideal approach. Many online nursing programs boast different levels of flexibility so that students can continue to work or care for loved ones while achieving their qualifications.

What Are the Potential Mental Health Risks of Online Learning?

Although there are plenty of benefits to studying online, there are a couple of potential drawbacks that could impact a person’s mental health if not kept in check. For example, not being required to attend in-person classes can sometimes lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation, particularly for people who enjoy spending time with others. Another possible mental health challenge that comes with studying online is anxiety about feeling out of the loop. Fortunately, these downsides can be addressed by making an effort to connect with your fellow students and by getting in touch with your program leader or classmate if you are confused about any of the coursework.

Know Your Own Limits and Work Habits

The best way to get the most out of your time as an online nursing student is to honestly assess your own boundaries and figure out how you work best. Enjoy the challenge of studying for your nursing qualification by pushing yourself and exceeding your own expectations.