The Best Online Counseling Platform for Married Couples?

marriage counseling online

Marriage isn’t always perfect, so married people shouldn’t be surprised when they encounter problems in their marriage from time to time. When my wife and I went through a rough patch in our marriage, we both realized that we needed help and visited a marriage counselor.

Although talking to someone else about our marital problems made us feel a bit uneasy initially, over time we really saw the benefits of speaking with a licensed marriage and family therapist. In fact, we implemented many of the ideas our counselor suggested. However, with covid-19 causing so many changes to my work schedule, I began to wonder if my wife and I would have the opportunity take advantage of these types of services again in the near future.

It wasn’t long before I discovered online counseling. My wife and I used an online platform called Regain that is designed to help couples like us improve their relationship. We had a great experience and learned several new tips to keep the fire burning in our marriage. Learn more about Regain below.

Regain: What is it?

Regain provides online marriage counseling services. Its process starts with a brief interview asking about specific issues you are experiencing. They also ask if you have preferences about the type of counselor you would prefer to see. For example, they ask if you prefer a male or female counselor and if you want a counselor with a specific religious affiliation. This data gathering process takes no more than five minutes.

How much does it cost?

Regain has a subscription that charges $65 per week for your first month. After that, you can select either of the two fees, which are $35 and $80 per week depending on the duration of your subscription.  For a longer subscription, you get access to substantial discounts. 

Regain, provides weekly quotes of all their rates but charges one monthly bill. However, the platform does not accept insurance. We found out that it is rare that an insurance company covers marriage counseling, unless one or both of the partners has been diagnosed with a mental health condition.

How to connect with Regain

Regain helps people with relationship issues even if just one partner is present to participate in the session. I simply filled out the initial questionnaire and sent it in.  At the end of the questionnaire, there is a question that asks if you want to invite your partner for counseling. If that is what you want, Regain will send an invitation to your partner’s email so that he or she can join. Within a few minutes, you will be matched with a counselor that can help you.

The Regain Process

Regain allows you to exchange messages with your counselor in a shared chat room. Not only can you send messages, but you can also take advantage of live video or phone sessions. They have a great scheduling system that allows my wife and I to fit our sessions neatly into our free time. For us, this is a huge benefit. This type of flexibility means I do not have to change my working schedule and there is no additional traveling time to visit a marriage counseling office.

Our therapist makes my wife and I feel safe and heard. We find her input to be very helpful and it’s easy to forget that we are seeing her through video. Even after our very first session, we were beginning to see practical ways we could resolve our issues. Another advantage of Regain is that the platform does not specify the number of sessions you will have with your therapist. Instead, both parties will discuss and agree on an appropriate time to bring counseling to an end. 

What we like about Regain and their staff:

  • They solely focus on marriage counseling
  • They have a thorough questionnaire that helps assess the relationship
  • Couples can attend the therapy together, and even if they are not physically in the same area, they can still attend a texting session.
  • Video sessions are encouraged
  • The therapists specialize in couple’s treatment
  • The platform is user-friendly whether you are using a smart phone or a computer.

What we don’t like:

  • Couples are matched to a therapist through an automated process, not through interaction.
  • No live customer service is available to assist in the sign-up process.
  • Sometimes the therapist doesn’t meet the criteria that are requested in the initial questionnaire
  • Response from a therapist can sometimes take longer than expected
  • There are no options for three-way calling or three-way video sessions 
  • There is no variable pricing option based on the services selected
  • The platform requires a monthly price to start
  • There is no free trial period

Regain provides counseling services for the following areas:

  • Marital issues
  • Relationship challenges
  • Improving communication
  • Overcoming conflicts
  • Overcoming adultery
  • Intimacy issues
  • Personal struggles
  • Guidance in separation or divorce
  • Preventing separation or divorce

Regain is an online marriage counseling platform that offers convenient and affordable access to licensed mental health professionals. These therapists specialize in working with couples or partners who want to save or improve their relationship.


As my wife and I have experience with in-person counseling, we discovered that we missed the presence of face-to-face counseling. However, with our hectic work schedule and new governmental restrictions in place due to covid-19, we found that an getting marriage counseling in an online format is a great option to have. Having the ability to schedule appointments during unpredictable times like this is a huge advantage.

Other factors we liked about Regain is that the pricing is very reasonable and they have strict privacy and confidentiality standards that are more advanced than what is required by the law. They want their customers to feel safe about their identity and confidentiality. They also have a pin code to login or access the site, so it is really safe to use. My wife and I certainly felt safe while using the platform.

If you need help with your marriage, you can visit Regain through their app. You can download the Regain app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Although times are changing with the pandemic, couples can still access professional relationship counseling. With Regain, help is just a click away.