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Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are (Video)

In an insightful talk, Amy Cuddy explains that our nonverbal cues can significantly impact the way in which we are perceived by other persons. However, she soon raises the million dollar question “Can our body language influence the way we see ourselves?”


4 Tips for your next interview /meeting/ first impression

job interviewHave an interview or meeting coming up or simply need to make a good impression? Here are 4 tips on how to kill it:

1. Power stance
Whether you want to appear more powerful or need a confidence boost taking a more powerful stance is the way to go. Research has shown that taking a stance that involves open limbs and expansive gestures not only makes people feel more powerful but also increased their testosterone levels (Carney, Cuddy, & Yap, 2010). Such poses take up more space and when you dominate the space your mind gets the message.

2. Gesture for persuasion
Everyone knows that some people use their hands more than others while speaking. These movements are more than just a result of communication. Hand gestures increase the persuasive power of a message compared to no gesturing (Maricchiolo, Gnisci & Bonaiuto, 2009). Gestures that make what you’re saying more understandable are the most effective, such as pointing behind you when referring to the past. Continue reading