Reducing Stress in Your Day To Day Life with CBD Lozenges

Benefits of CBD Lozenges

Taking CBD lozenges is a fun, convenient, and discreet way to enjoy the relaxing effects of cannabidiol, an active cannabinoid or cannabis compound without the psychoactive effects or “high.” CBD lozenges gradually dissolve in your mouth, and it’s usually used to soothe and lubricate the throat and suppress a cough. 

Usually, lozenges contain eucalyptus or menthol, and with CBD lozenges, it contains cannabidiol, which can also help reduce stress.

In this post, you’ll learn how you can reduce daily stress with CBD lozenges. In that way, you’ll have more CBD product options you can choose from, aside from CBD tinctures, oil, and edibles when it comes to managing and reducing stress. 

Soothe Throat Irritation by Taking CBD Lozenges 

In 1000 BC in ancient Egypt, candies made from citrus, spices, herbs, and honey were already used to soothe the throat. In the modern world, similar candies used by ancient Egyptians are also used to soothe throat irritation and even the signs and symptoms of stress today. These candies are referred to as lozenges. 

Having throat irritation can be a source of stress, most especially if your line of work involves talking to clients or public speaking. Taking CBD lozenges before your speech or sales interactions can help soothe your throat so that you can speak confidently and pain-free. CBD lozenges are great throat and stress relief that you can rely on at any time.

Here’s how CBD lozenges help reduce stress from throat irritation:

  • Sucking a CBD lozenge help a sore throat by increasing the production of saliva.
  • Increased saliva production helps reduce throat dryness by coating the tissues. 
  • CBD lozenges help ease your cough reflex to avoid frequent coughing with the help of other lozenge ingredients. 

Take CBD Lozenges Every Time You Deem Necessary

People face stress at any time of the day. That’s why keeping CBD lozenges handy will ensure that you can take one whenever you think you need to take CBD but in a discreet way. Because CBD lozenges have high bioavailability and are dissolved in the mouth, expect to obtain faster calming effects to help reduce your stress and anxiety level. 

According to a study, incorporating a self-emulsifying mixture into lozenges or any solid dosage increases the bioavailability, stability, and solubility. Like any other lozenges, CBD lozenges have high bioavailability. It means that the amount of CBD your body absorbs via the oral mucosa is greatly preserved so you can fully benefit from the calming effects of cannabidiol. 

Ingestion of CBD would require cannabidiol to pass through the digestive tract and metabolize in the liver. With CBD lozenges, CBD is readily absorbed in the capillaries of oral tissues or mucosal lining, thus preserving most of the cannabidiol. 

Take CBD Lozenges Before Starting Work

CBD oil can help reduce anxiety, and even in lozenge form, this cannabinoid aid in stress reduction so you can start your day with ease and confidence. Popping up CBD lozenges while driving or commuting to work can help set your mood to start your day with less panic and stress. 

Many employees experience so much anxiety, most especially during business presentations. Taking CBD lozenges can help you stay more focused by helping calm your senses and tensed muscles. By doing so, your stress and anxiety levels are reduced, so you have a clearer mind to win a sales proposal or approve a new account.

Here’s how CBD can help reduce anxiety:

  • Relieves Insomnia: CBD helps relax chest muscles enabling you to fall asleep faster and maintain good sleep throughout the night. If you have enough sleep, you’ll have better social interactions and improved productivity the next day.
  • Targeted Relief: CBD binds in the natural endocannabinoid receptors of the body, targeting serotonin and increasing its production. Serotonin is considered a “feel-good” hormone, which makes a person more positive or happier, thus improving mood and reducing the signs and symptoms of everyday stress.
  • Neurogenesis: With frequent use of CBD, brain cells tend to regenerate, most especially in the hippocampus, an area of the brain that regulates emotions and even responses to stress or painful stimuli.

CBD Lozenges When Traveling 

Traveling, most especially long-distance, by land or air can be stressful. However, if your work would entail fieldwork, taking CBD lozenges can help reduce flight anxiety, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting when traveling because cannabidiol has an antiemetic effect

CBD lozenges and CBD gummy bears come handy and can be interchangeably used to reduce the unpleasant effects of long-distance commuting.


Indeed, CBD lozenges can help you reduce your day to day stress in life by calming your senses. Popping up a CBD lozenge is discreet, convenient, and fast-acting, so you can take it anywhere and anytime. 

Keep CBD lozenges handy so you can take your daily CBD dose without stress and hassle, helping you start and end your day with a smile.