The Psychology of Hazing – Infographic

college hazing

It happens all the time, but it usually only hits the news when tragedy strikes. Hazing is the process of “initiating” new members to a social group by coercing them into violent and/or degrading situations.It is practiced in the military, in fraternities and sororities, in sports groups, among members of school bands and even in the workplace. The hazing tradition is very strong and very popular, yet it seems to defy what we might initially imagine about human behavior. Indeed, why would anyone willingly subject himself to such conditions?

[showmyads]The history books show that the practice of hazing has been around for at least the past few centuries. And as distasteful as it might be, hazing is certainly embedded in modern culture. Psychologists studying this behavior have uncovered a number of reasons that people use to justify their participation in the hazing process — be it as an instigator, an onlooker or as a victim.

hazing in college

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