Working with an FDA Approved Online Pharmacy

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Do you use medication for anxiety, depression, or OCD? Buying a lot of things, as well as drugs, can be significantly easier and very often cheaper when you’re buying them on the Internet. Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent online pharmacies that will deliver you the wrong medicine or will not protect your personal information in the right way. We’ve done a review of one of the most popular e-pharmacies called Meds4sure.


Meds4sure offers a wide range of prescription drugs, as well as medicines that can be bought without a prescription, the so-called OTC products (over-the-counter). This pharmacy provides an individual with a tremendous variety of antibiotics, antidepressants, drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, nootropics (“smart drugs”), corticosteroids, thyroid hormones preparations, and for now only one drug for the weight loss treatment.

TheTrentOnline website has ranked Meds4sure the third best online pharmacy in the United States when it comes to the quality of services, as well as resolving consumer-related disputes (first and second place belongs to Walgreen and Walmart), giving you extra peace of mind before you purchase drugs.

The Meds4sure online pharmacy has an excellent Disclaimer, Terms of Use, Payment and Refund Policy, which is certainly important for an e-pharmacy. The existence of these pages with detailed information on the website is something that a legal and qualified pharmacy must have.

Security of Your Privacy Data

Meds4sure has a McAfee certificate which means that you are protected from all types of computer viruses, malware, and there is no danger of a virus being infiltrated into your computer and stealing your data. That’s good to know, right?

Also, it is very important to know that Meds4sure is managed by qualified, educated and licensed pharmacists – only healthcare professionals that are, by law, in every single country, licensed to practice pharmacy. This means that you are buying medicines from professionals who know the most about drugs you’re buying.

Meds4sure collaborates with pharmaceutical giants, such as Pfizer (the largest pharmaceutical company in the world), GSK, Torrent Pharma, Sun Pharma, and Cipla. So, when you purchase any medicine through Meds4sure, you will actually get a brand that is produced in some of the best, most respectable pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world.


Meds4sure offers many different payment options, from Visa and Master card to electronic checks and Bitcoins. If you decide to pay via Bitcoin, then you will also receive a 20% discount on all orders, which is great. Also, you can get 20% if you are a permanent customer. Actually, you only have to buy once in order to get discounts. All you have to do is to enter the ID of the previous order when ordering the new one.

The online pharmacy guarantees security of information about your credit card and other private information.

Do You Need Prescription?

The Meds4surewebsite states that the prescription is not required for most drugs and that this e-pharmacy is primarily intended for people who cannot purchase drugs in their country and must order it from abroad, which is perfectly in line with the regulations of most countries.

So, you can order most medicines without a prescription but at your own risk, which is cool. After all, when you are buying a drug, you also have the option to read out all of the medically relevant information about the medicine you’re ordering (including possible side effects, interactions, and instructions on how to use it). All information is provided by educated pharmacists.

However, we do recommend you to check regulations in your country before ordering the medicine, because after all, every country has different regulations and laws. However, bear in mind that in no country, the online purchase of any drug is illegal.

Order Delivery Time

Order delivery time depends primarily on your geographical location, but the experience of other people indicates that the medication will reach your doorstep within 5-10 days, which is really great.

Unfortunately, due to very strict regulations of certain countries regarding the dispatch of medicines via post, the Meds4sure online pharmacy does not send drugs in some western European countries (Germany, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia), as well as in United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. However, due to the increasing popularity of this online pharmacy, we believe that at some point they will expand their portfolio to these countries as well.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Meds4sure Online Pharmacy

Advantages of Meds4sure include:

  • Reliable, registered pharmacy headed by highly educated and licensed pharmacists.
  • A wide selection of drugs that you may purchase without a prescription. However, this does not mean that you do not need to check the regulations in your country.
  • You will get your drug quickly and get free delivery on every shipment greater than $100.
  • A wide range of nootropics – medicines that are increasingly used even by healthy individuals, primarily to improve cognitive function.
  • Highly rated for the quality of services, as well as for handling customer complaints.
  • Excellent Refund policy that guarantees you the money refund if the medicine didn’t arrive at your home, for any reason.
  • You will get medicines produced by well-known, reputable and established pharmaceutical companies.
  • McAfee certification that guarantees the protection of your private information.

Disadvantages of Meds4sure are:

  • They do not deliver orders in all countries. However, there are “rumors” that they will expand portfolio to those countries as well.
  • A small selection of weight loss products (bearing in mind that these drugs are one of the most commonly used worldwide). We really would like to see more weight loss products on this website.

Final Thoughts

The Meds4sure online pharmacy is reliable, affordable, registered, and qualified pharmacy that will deliver you a drug in a timely manner, probably of even better quality than the medicines bought in a usual “real-life pharmacy”. Considering great discounts for continuous purchasing, great refund policy and short delivery time, we can freely conclude that Meds4sure is one of the best available e-pharmacies on the Internet.

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