How Online Therapy Can Help You Become A Better Partner

online therapy couple relationship

Online therapy is a type of psychotherapy that is conducted over the internet. While it can be compared to other forms of talk therapy such as face-to-face and phone counseling, online therapy does have some distinct advantages. 

These include connecting with a licensed therapist or counselor in a convenient, comfortable setting, avoiding geographic restrictions and time constraints, maintaining your privacy, and receiving services that may be unavailable locally.

Over the years, BetterHelp online therapy has succeeded in helping individuals remove the emotional burdens and stress they experience in day-to-day life. It offers an excellent opportunity to achieve emotional introspection with the help of a trained professional who can assess your problems and provide you with the guidance you need to improve yourself and your intimate relationship.

Intimate relationships are a key part of human life. Most people who are involved in an intimate relationship view building their connection with their loved one as a priority. However, improving a relationship is a multiple-step process and it can be tough to keep it up with what is required. Sometimes you might not know what to do or where to start. A therapist can help you to identify your issues and develop the skills you need to strengthen your emotional bond with your partner. Here are a few ways online therapy can boost your relationship for long term success.

You Get A Better Understanding Of The Dynamics Of Your Relationship

While identifying your relationship issues is vital, understanding why those issues are present is key to resolving them. Couples counseling helps you gain deeper insight into your relationship and helps you to see why some events may not be unfolding as you want. Although some presenting problems may be obvious, there may be complex issues that are having a negative on the relationship. Interestingly, one or even both partners may be completely unaware of what these complex issues are or how to address them.

A few common but complex issues that may affect a relationship include:

  • One or both partners having a mental health issue
  • One or both partners having a history of trauma 
  • One or both partners having a history of child sexual abuse
  • One or both partners having alcohol or drug addiction

These complex issues can impact a couple’s communication, sex life, and trust. These issues can also be very difficult to talk about. However, a therapist is trained to help you address these and other concerns in a way that is both effective and safe. 

You And Your Partner Can Better Understand Each Other’s Perspective

Online therapy can help you and your partner see each other differently by bringing in a neutral third party as you talk through the issues you are experiencing in your relationship. Your therapist will guide your interactions so that you both get the opportunity and time you need to express your thoughts, beliefs and emotions freely. This is especially important if one partner has a personality that is more introverted or reserved. When you understand each other better, conflicts are much less likely to occur in the future.

You Will Learn Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills

One of the many benefits of online therapy is that it helps couples become better listeners who can resolve conflicts more efficiently. A breakdown in communication is one of the biggest reasons relationships fail. Online therapy allows couples to learn the skills and strategies they need to communicate with their partner privately, clearly, and honestly on a one-on-one basis without fear of judgment. It also provides a safe space where couples can vent, grieve and understand what has been happening within their relationship.

You Will Learn Health Coping Strategies

Conflict is inevitable between intimate partners and if left unchecked, it can significantly impact their relationship. However, this doesn’t mean you should just give up on your relationship, even if you and your partner argue frequently right now. Online therapy can help you to be prepared for conflict before it happens. You will learn strategies that help you deal with intense emotions such as stress, anger, or sadness that may be interfering with your ability to connect with your partner.

You And Your Partner Can Build Mutual Trust 

Trust—much like love—is a vital component of any long term relationship. While trust can take years to build, it only takes a moment for it to be lost. Common events that may erode trust in a relationship include:

  • One or both partners having an affair
  • One or both partners having a habit of lying
  • One of both partners stealing from the other

If trust has been lost in your relationship, effective online therapy can create a communication bridge so you can start rebuilding trust again. By talking about what went wrong, you and your partner will have the opportunity to address what happened head on and choose the best way to move forward.