Charities For Adults With Learning Disabilities in England

For adults with learning disabilities, it can often be hard to cope with many of the everyday requirements and responsibilities that most people take for granted.  Fortunately, there is a lot of help, support and advice out there to help those with disabilities make the most of their lives.  Here are a few charitable organisations that aim to do just that.


[showmyads]Mencap is one of the most well-known charities offering support and help for adults with learning disabilities.  In addition to providing helpline advice, Mencap offers services which enable individuals with learning disorders to live as independently as possible.  Mencap also campaigns to ensure that the rights of persons suffering from such disorders are not ignored.


Hft is a national charity for adults with learning disabilities.  It provides local support services, not only for the adults themselves, but also for their families and caregivers.  As well as offering residential care and supported living, Hft also offers short breaks and holidays to the disabled and their families.  Hft is also a leader in offering assistive technology to help enhance people’s lives.


Prospects aims to help disabled individuals maximize their potential and live life to the full. It is a Christian organisation, so in addition to providing support and assistance it also offers spiritual guidance for those who are interested in such religious services.

United Response

This national charity, which has been running for 40 years and has over 200 locations in England and Wales, gives great aid to adults with learning disabilities.  It offers a wide range of support services tailored to individual needs, whether it be providing advice on a personal issue or providing job coaching in order to help a client to re-enter the workforce.  United Response works closely in partnership with the people they help, and encourages them to be who they want to be.  The organisation also helps raise awareness in the community, run campaigns and organizes fundraising events.


Set up in 1966 by the parent of a disabled child, this leading national charity supports both children and adults who suffer from learning disabilities. With over 120 MacIntyre services nationwide, this charity provides supported living schemes, specialized residential schools and accredited training schemes.

Self Unlimited

Self Unlimited is a national charity that can help persons with learning disorders to find a home, meet new friends, look for a job and simply try out new things.  The organisation is called Self Unlimited because it believes that each person should be treated as an individual, and that there should be no boundaries to what people can achieve.


Individuals with learning disabilities who live in the North East of England can make the most of services offered by Daybreak.  This charity provides supported social activities and offers a range of skills training.  It has a horticultural market garden, small bakery, sensory room and music and dance activities.


In his spare time, Crispins assists charities for people with learning difficulties. Many people suffering from such disabilities have been helped by the specialists at Voyage Holdings.

Image courtesy of The Co-Operative