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How To Reduce Your Anxiety About Your Finances

anxiety and money

One of the leading contributors to poor mental health is financial trouble. In fact, a number of studies indicate that there is a major link between debt and anxiety. Although long-term treatment of chronic anxiety may require professional care, there are things people can do to reduce their anxiety about their finances. Keep on reading for a few helpful suggestions. Continue reading


Marriage Psychology & Counseling: Managing Incompatibility in a Relationship

counseling for incompatible relationship

Experiencing ups and downs in your relationship is natural. Your partner feeling insecure because you have been too busy at work or going berserk because you forgot to make it to a date on time are common problems that can be worked through. However, if you’re in an incompatible relationship, you’re looking at issues that are way bigger than those previously mentioned. In fact, incompatibility is in a completely different ballpark. Continue reading


What Do Children Do During Autism Therapy?

child autism therapy

Children with autism need therapy to be able to cope with the world around them.  There’s enough stress around them without having to feel misunderstood.  Instead, this specified therapy works to ease their symptoms and discomfort while giving them the tools to understand everyone else’s behavior better. Continue reading


Divorce and Mental Health: 5 Tips For Effective Self-Care

psychology of divorce

From trying to handle the legal process with a divorce lawyer in Philadelphia to navigating your own emotions, divorce can often significantly impact mental health. Stress, anxiety, and self-esteem can all run low during such a trying time. It’s important that even during such a stressful time that you prioritize your mental health. Below are five tips to help you care for yourself while navigating divorce. Continue reading


4 Tips To Overcome Mental Health Challenges During COVID-19

mental health pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to everyday life. Many people feel as if they’re living in a prolonged period of uncertainty as evidenced by their canceled plans, paused dreams, and drastically changed routines. Not to mention the fact that the virus has put everyone on high alert over the very real possibility of getting sick. A number of health organizations have stressed the need to stay at home and practice regular hand washing and social distancing.   Continue reading


How Psychology Benefits Public Health

public health psychology

The field of psychology is becoming increasingly integrated with public health and it is easy to understand why. Many of the most common public health issues—such as obesity, food safety, sexually transmitted infections, and motor vehicle accidents—are closely linked with behavior. Over the past few years, more psychologists are earning their masters in public health online, taking courses in public health while they earn their doctoral degree, or opting for an online MPH to make a swift entry into the field. This is important as psychologists offer new perspectives and expertise on how healthy behaviors can be encouraged. Continue reading