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Cindy Lawson is a family counselor and guest contributor at Best Masters in Counseling.

4 Fantastic Thinkers Who Helped to Shape Psychology

Sigmund Freud Picture

With a huge pool of famous, influential and simply brilliant individuals to pick from, it is very difficult to select only four persons who have left indelible marks on the science of psychology. It is with this in mind that honorable mention must be given to such ithinkers as Pavlov, Bandura, Zimbardo, etc. who are all major contributors to the field. However this article will focus on the incredible foundation-laying work of Sigmund Freud, Carl Rogers, B.F. Skinner, and Carl Jung. Continue reading


The 3 Weirdest Brain Disorders?

Got Brain?

Abnormal behavior, such as “punching yourself in the face,” may appear symptomatic of aggression but could actually stem from an unusual neurological impairment. Professing to taste colors or speaking in a foreign accent may lead to a referral to a psychiatrist but these behaviors can actually result from rare brain disorders, sometimes genetically acquired, but most often manifesting as a result of trauma or disease. Continue reading


5 Shocking Mental Health Treatments From the Past

shocking mental health treatments

Though often left out of textbooks and lectures, history is filled with innumerable events and activities ranging from the improbable to the downright weird. From Catherine the Great’s alleged affair with one of her horses to the dung beetle charms worn by the ancient Egyptians, human behavior hasn’t always been what we have come to expect. And when individuals broke from normalcy, perhaps due to being afflicted with mental illnesses, they were often subjected to various “treatments” with the aim of alleviating their afflictions. In many cases however, these remedies were often weird enough to make bedding a horse seem like a perfectly natural thing to do. Continue reading