5 Reasons Psychology Is Such A Popular College Major

Over the years, psychology has become one of the most common subjects in which college students major. The field is extremely popular. But why are so many undergraduates interested in obtaining a psychology degree? Is it because the subject is complex and offers students novel ways to think about and observe the world around them? Is it because there is a high demand in the workforce for psychology related careers? Let’s take a look below to learn some of the answers.

1) Research Opportunities

[showmyads]Many students are fascinated with psychology and choose to major in the subject because they want to expand their knowledge. While some undergrads might turn their noses up at learning about the scientific method, numerous students do enjoy learning about various research methods and techniques. Additionally, the opportunity to influence the world by means of novel scientific research studies has inspired many students to enter the field.


2) Increased Understanding of Personal Relationships

Many students who study psychology claim that they are better able to understand the ins-and-outs of their relationships with close friends, family members and even co-workers. This translates into being able to cope with these relationships even during periods of hardship, forging bonds that last a lifetime. The increased social awareness that comes from being a student of psychology is also a valuable asset in most professional careers.


3) Increased Critical Analysis Skills

Obtaining a degree in psychology can greatly help a student improve his or her critical thinking skills. Students are often encouraged to formulate plausible theories to explain human behaviors and then evaluate the accuracy and validity of their proposed theories. Psychology also nurtures a student’s ability to spot trends and extrapolate relationships from statistical data. For some employers, having top-notch analytic capabilities is extremely important. In fact, many employers in the fields of law and business hire people with psychology degrees specifically for their ability to notice patterns, think outside the box and approach troublesome situations from new perspectives.


4) Increased Effectiveness on the Job

When a student studies psychology, it is likely that he or she will learn about human behavior in a variety of settings — for example, in the workplace. Psych students learn the details and underlying causes of beneficial attributes such as stress management, social interaction, motivation, cooperation, leadership, confidence and various other behavioral traits. Gaining knowledge related to these human behaviors helps students to become effective managers and supervisors. In fact, many psychology grads use their learned knowledge as a ‘selling point’ on their resumes. They are able to ‘sell’ their ability to understand human behavior in the workplace as something that will help them and their co-workers to be more effective on the job.


5) Wide Range of Career Possibilities

Regardless of the industry that a student desires to work in, chances are there will be a need for employees who have a degree in psychology. In fact, almost all employers understand that being able to evaluate human behavior is essential in keeping a workplace well-organized and efficient. With this in mind, headhunters are always looking for workers who have the knowledge and ability to maximize productivity. Whether a student wants to work in business administration, social work, education, or healthcare, there are many job opportunities that can be obtained with a degree in psychology.


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