3 Ways To Get More RESPECT At Work

Earn respect at workWe all want to earn the respect of our bosses and coworkers; however, many times our best efforts go unnoticed — so what options do we have to earn more respect? While working late and doing extra tasks have their merits, research suggests that we can enhance our professional image and increase our salary by focusing specifically on our outward appearance.

Get in Shape

Perhaps physical attributes shouldn’t play much of a role inside a work environment; unfortunately for overweight professionals, research suggests that it does. The Wall Street Journal recently profiled a study which showed that workers viewed fit executives as being better leaders. The study also found that being even slightly overweight had a negative impact on the way employees viewed their bosses. If you want to get ahead in your chosen field, research clearly indicates that good physical fitness can give you a leg up.

Fix Dental Flaws

The market research consultancy Kelton recently conducted a study which determined that tooth alignment and color play a big role in the professional world. In fact, the research showed that people associate common dental flaws with poor health, lower intelligence and less success. According to cosmetic dentist, Dr. Marnie Collins, these results coincide with statements made by her patients.

“People often associate cosmetic dental treatments with vanity; however, many times, people are looking for more respect,” she said. “Unfortunately, we live in a society that associates bad teeth with other negative qualities. Research has demonstrated that most people notice teeth first when meeting someone new. Sadly, your intelligence and qualifications may not matter if your dental flaws are influencing the way others perceive you.”

Fortunately, modern cosmetic dental treatments allow virtually anyone to attain the smile of their dreams. If you believe your yellow, gapped or crooked teeth are holding you back, consider orthodontic treatments or dental veneers, which can drastically improve your overall look.

Invest in Your Appearance

It may come as no surprise to learn that pretty people have it easier; however, studies also suggest that they add more value to companies when compared to their homely counterparts. Research indicates that attractive people earn between 3 to 4 percent higher wages than people who have so-called below-average looks. According to University of Chicago professor Dario Maestripieri, his research suggests that attractive people bring more value to businesses by luring in more customers. He also says they tend to have other qualities which impress employers, including higher self-confidence and better self-esteem.

In the end, whether we like it or not, employers tend to invest more in attractive workers who tend to impress customers and clients; so, if you want to land that big job or important promotion, it may pay to invest in your physical appearance wherever possible.

A Real World Approach

In a perfect world, physical characteristics wouldn’t play a role in professional settings. In the real world, however, it’s clear they do. If you’re looking to get ahead, you might consider investing in your outward appearance, especially if your business involves working with numerous people.

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