10 of The Best Psychology Blogs to Read Online in 2020

Psychology Blogs

Psychology is a fascinating science to read about. It covers topics such as human cognition, perception, behavior, and mental health issues. Today, there are a number of great websites and blogs that provide insightful articles on psychology. Ten of the best are mentioned below:

Psychology today

Psychology Today is one of the oldest psychological blogs on the internet. It boats more than 500 million Twitter followers and more than 7 million Facebook fans and yet it’s fan base continues to grow. Many licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, lawyers, and doctors publish articles on the Psychology Today website. The large number of professional contributors ensures a broad variety of topics for the avid blog reader.

Healthy Place

Healthy Place is an umbrella website for more than 28 blogs that deal with mental health.  A few of the blogs on the Healthy Place platform include Mental Illness in the Family, Bipolar Griot, Debunking Addiction, and Life with Bob. 

The blogs seek to uplift people who are suffering from mental health complications. They also guide family members and friends on how to provide needed support. Before you start reading, make sure you know how to turn off pop up blocker on Mac so that nothing interrupts you as you read these awesome and helpful psychology blogs. You are far more likely to appreciate the suggestions you come across on the Healthy Place website if you are able to focus on what you are reading. 

Research Blogging

Research Blogging is an incredible collection of bloggers who write about peer-reviewed research. Blog articles typically cover findings in the mental health and medical fields. Many bloggers on Research Blogging are licensed or have a background in the field they write about. The platform also offers small monetary prizes to motivate the best researchers. 

Child Mind

The blog is run by Claudia M. Gold, a pediatrician and a writer who loves to address kids’ mental health in a preventive model. She is the author of The Developmental Science of Early Childhood. The blog targets parents and professionals who interact with children and policymakers with a view of promoting the healthy growth and welfare of all children and families.


Jeremy Dean, Ph.D., is the founder and author of Psyblog, and he blogs about mind science together with psychology. The blog has been featured by the world’s greatest news sites like the BBC, The Guardian, York Times, and London Times. 

His psychological research provides insight into how the human mind works and how to improve learning, memory, and mental health. The book “Making Habits, Breaking Habits” is one of his works.

American Psychological Association

The APA has more than 121,000 researchers and other professionals who help to encourage psychological research and communication, and how to apply psychological science to benefit society. The APA shares up to date information on psychology, stress management, mental health, behavioral changes, and many more topics.

Dr. Petra Boynton’s blog

Dr. Petra is a lecturer at International Health Research, and her blogs generally deal with sex education. Some of the topics she has written about involve pornography, street prostitution, and sexual functioning. She also advocates for evidence-based sex education and encourages more research in the field.

Anxious no more

Aimée uses her personal experience of dealing with extreme anxiety to help people who are dealing with similar issues. She says that she used to worry more about other people so much that she neglected to love herself, and the results were severe. 

Rapid heartbeat, shaky hands, and a numbing sensation in her arms usually led to her throwing up whenever she did not use any coping mechanisms. She shows people how to create a Personal Affirmation Book to remind themselves of the many ways they are special.

Mind hacks

Tom Stafford and Vaughan Bell regularly update their site with new content based on neuroscience, psychology news, and personal opinion. The website design is sleek and simple, and they use plain language to make their content understandable by everyone. 

Mind hacks also reviews psychology books, psychology research, and psychology news and breaks down hard to read content into material that can be easily understood.

Psychology fashion

Psychology Fashion is a blog created in 2017 by Professor Carolyn Mair to support sustainable business behavior. She was honored by the British Psychological Society for her contributions to industries and education. Professor Mair uses her fashion knowledge to positively impact creativity, perception, identity, and consumption among people. She is also a freelance public speaker and has spoken at many seminars.

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