Personality Traits and Mental Health During the Covid-19 Pandemic

covid mental health

The covid-19 pandemic is taking a toll on our health. And not just our physical health, but our social and mental health as well. Many people are currently struggling with job loss, uncertainty, grief, and fear. The question is, can anything be done to improve the situation?

Since the start of the pandemic, many experience worsening of their mental health problems. Common problems include high levels of anxiety, stress, PTSD, and depression. Months into the pandemic, many of us still struggle. People whose work are affected by the pandemic struggle more. The situation is also worse for financially disadvantaged groups. Incidence of domestic violence also increased. All these can become too much to handle for some. 

It is true that the pandemic affects us all, but we are not all similarly situated. Some fare better than others, in terms of finances, social status, lifestyle, and personality. While the pandemic affects our mental health in some ways, we don’t get affected by it the same way. Some cope better than others. For example, some people get lonely and depressed due to social distancing and isolation; while others easily get through it. This is because the effects of the pandemic depend on demographics, lifestyle, and personality. 

Your personality trait affects how you respond to or cope with the pandemic. Personality has an effect on how we fare in crises or tough times such as the one we are facing now. Our personality is linked with our ability to tolerate distress and uncertainty. To develop your own coping mechanisms, it is important to know what your personality trait is. That way, you will know your strengths and weaknesses in terms of handling the pandemic. You can learn more about your personality by taking an online test

According to studies, introversion is linked to anxiety disorders and depression. Disinhibition and disagreeableness,, on the other hand, are linked to substance use disorder. In a study published in Psychological Bulletin journal, the personality trait mostly related to or linked with mental health problems is neuroticism. 

Researchers found that neuroticism is linked to anxiety disorders and depression. Extraversion is connected to developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. There is also a link between openness to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Agreeableness is found to have less likelihood of developing a psychiatric disorder. Similarly, conscientiousness, which is characterized by dependability and diligence, is also tied to having a lower risk for mental illness. 

There are many things that are hard to control. If you know your personality trait, you will know better how to control and handle things. Stay away from things that worsen your stress and anxiety and focus on your strengths. For instance, if reading news online and staying on social media are increasing your anxiety and making you more fearful, take a break from such activities. Give yourself an emotional and mental break. 

More importantly, know that you are not alone in this. The stress and trauma are on global scale. These are something that we share with others. It’s normal  to get affected by these things. It’s part of being human. Take one step at a time. You’ll get by.

Image by 1388843 from Pixabay