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Articles on the study of individuals in the social context.

Enjoying Beautiful Cities

civic beauty Past research has linked beautiful cities to human happiness. A new psychometric research project by focuses on linkages to fifteen categories of civic beauty.  We invite you to participate in that project. Continue reading


The Startling Link Between Cyberbullying and Suicide

cyberbullying and suicideCarla Jamerson, Zoe Johnson, and Audrie Pott have one thing in common: They committed suicide as an alleged result of cyberbullying. None of them was older than 15.

Psychologists have established four personality traits that may explain a person’s willingness to inflict pain and suffering on others: narcissism, psychopathy, sadism, and deception. Called the “Dark Tetrad,” this combination of traits may explain why some teens are able to taunt, harass, and bully others online — sometimes to the point of no return. Continue reading