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Lec 4 | MIT 9.00SC Introduction to Psychology, Spring 2011

Introduction to Psychology

Lecture 4: Brain II: Methods of Research
Instructor: John Gabrieli


The Struggle to Find Acceptance for Online Course Delivery

college degree online

More colleges are offering psychology courses and full psychology degree programs online. While just a handful of universities offered such programs a few years ago, now it is rare to find a college that doesn’t offer online subject courses. Colleges have embraced the idea of distance learning and the ability to serve a greater number of students without investing time and faculty presence for a traditional class. If you are hesitant about taking an online class or doing your degree online, then kindly read on for a bit more info about this rapidly growing trend. Continue reading


Top Psychology Schools in the USA – Infographic

top psychology schools USAThe consistent growth of the field of psychology has resulted in the initiation of a number of degree programs. Accredited degrees are offered by the best psychology schools in the United States, which are famous for their top quality education and proficient faculty. Some of the top schools which have been paving the way for psychology to become a key part of the curriculum of tertiary level institutions are Stanford University, the University of California, the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University and the University of Michigan. Continue reading