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Articles about the psychological, emotional and perception changes during human development.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – How Alcoholism May Affect Your Baby

fetal alcohol syndrome symptoms

Parenthood is an overwhelming and fantastic experience. It’s a time of new challenges and immense joy. Parents strive to do everything they can to ensure their children are happy and healthy. Whether it is installing child safety gears, sanitizing every nook and cranny of the house, or stacking on bedtime stories, parents go to great lengths to ensure their children are safe and loved. Continue reading


How Adults With Special Needs Benefit from Home Care

home care for elderly people

It can be difficult for adults with special needs to live independently. They may require assistance with basic tasks such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. Or they may need help managing their medication and staying on top of their health care routine. That’s where home care comes in. Home care is an excellent option for elderly people and adults with special needs because it allows them to live at home while still receiving the care and support they deserve. Continue reading


6 Tips To Build A Home Care Franchise

start a home care franchise

Home care services are vital for senior citizens and people with mental health issues. These services allow elderly people and individuals with special needs to get the assistance they need in the comfort of their own home. According to an article published in the Arizona Geriatrics Society Journal, the prevalence of depression is 3 to 5 times higher among elderly people who live in a nursing home than their peers who live in their own home. With medical science helping more people to live longer, there is a growing need for home care services worldwide. Continue reading


3 Things Parents Can Do to Help Their Children with Learning Disabilities

help children with learning disabilities

If your child has undergone a series of psychoeducational assessments and has been diagnosed with learning disabilities, it can be a very challenging time. You might feel upset or confused, and you might be worried about how you can support your child in the best way possible. Continue reading


How To Keep Elderly Relatives With Dementia Safe

caregiving for Alzheimer's disease

Caregivers are unspoken heroes. They’re the people that deserve more recognition for the incredible work they do for their loved ones. Caring for an elderly parent or relative who has dementia is especially challenging. Nevertheless, there are practical things you can do to keep your loved one safe.  Continue reading


The Psychological Effects Of Breastfeeding

psychological effects of breast feeding

People often say there is no force stronger than a mother’s love. And it’s easy to understand why. As the newborn is beginning his or her journey into an unknown world, mom is always right there to do anything she can to make that journey successful. Over the past twenty five years, a number of studies have investigated the factors that contribute to the development of the mother-child bond. Interestingly, there is mounting evidence that breastfeeding may play a very significant role. Continue reading